The India Pakistan conflicts had got air after India’s decision to revoke article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir as Pakistan requested the global powers like USA and China to intervene in the matter.

Though President Donald Trump was always impressed with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US State Department has finally monitored the situation in J Here is what the US authorities said about the Kashmir Issue in India.

The authorities said that they were monitoring the situations since India released the decision on August 5, and scrapped the special status given to the valley.

The decision to divide the state into two Union Territories shocked everyone including Kashmiris as well as Pakistan govt.

PM Modi’s government, however, has maintained the settlement on Article 370 was motivated by the intention to boost economic development, decrease corruption, and to apply all national rules and regulations in Jammu and Kashmir.

“While we support these objectives, the US State Department remains concerned about the situation in the Kashmir Valley, where daily life for the nearly eight million residents has been severely impacted since August 5,” Ms Wells in a statement submitted before the hearing on “Human Rights in South Asia: Views from the State Department and the Region”.

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