In today’s date, most states have legalized the use of cannabis. However, employers don’t seem to consider that part. Pre-employment drug tests are still happening to test the presence of THC molecules in your body.

That’s a stinker, right! We hope things change in the next few years. Until then, let us tell you some cool hacks to clear your upcoming drug test.

Everyday users are going to need at least four weeks to pass sometimes even five or six. If you typically don't smoke weed and there's no pre-existing build up, it's different. Due to presence of several factors it's become very hard to say that what exact time you needed to become THC (active ingredient of weed) free after quitting weed.

Cannabis is detectable in the blood for approximately 5-7 days after use, with heavy/regular use detectable in the blood for approximately up to 3 weeks. Presence of THC-COOH (metabolized excretory form of THC) in the urine sample depends on frequency of your weed smoking. Urinalysis is the most common method that used to screen marijuana use. Probably, you may undergo to a urine test for screening while going for a job.

You might have heard a lot about random ideas such as mixing creatine, drinking cranberry juice, and such. But, here’s the thing - no one actually knows if they work. And, to top it up, the Internet is full of scam and fake products. It is really difficult to find genuine reviews about products.

But, we did the hard work for you! Here’s 4 awesome things you should try to pass a drug test -

Detox Drinks

If you are looking for the detoxifier to pass the drug test for THC, then detox drink will really help you to do this. It's also important to choose the best detoxifier to cleanse your system.

Some herbal supplements are used to enhance the detoxification process, such as psyllium seeds, milk thistle and cayenne. Normally people go by the conception that cleansing drinks generally do not detox our body at all, which is actually wrong. Cleansing drinks temporarily remove the toxins passing through your bladder within a short time frame. However, for effective results, one needs to be able to choose the correct drinks.

There are a lot of drinks available in the market, most of which are flavored water and of no use. We need to choose wisely, read reviews and rely on guides before you purchase a cleansing drink. Ultra Eliminex, Magnum detox, Absolute detox are some of the widely known detox drinks, that have been known to successfully provide negative stop results during a drug test.

Detox Pills

One can also use detoxification pills along with natural cleansing routine and also the results could be seen in a week or so. Hence, if want to get rid of typically the toxins in an easy and cheap way and if you have that much time, then you can take the help of detox pills.

A good quality detox pill is used to accelerate the process of natural cleanse by almost 100%. However, a detoxing drink is used to flush out the toxins currently present in your urinary tract and also bladder and not the one which has already made their way into the system.

Toxin Rid Review

Toxin Rid has the greatest product review and although they are quite expensive but the quality and the result they give tend to be worth the exact investment. Realize as to what is more important to you - Money or Job?

Toxin Rid is available in 4 duration courses that are 1 to 4-day incremental course, 5-day, 7-day, and 10-day toxin rid course.

Toxin Rid has the highest rate of success and it increases the process of purify by nearly 50% and this means, you will be able to pass a new urine substance test within three days.

Mega Clean Review

Detoxify Mega Clean is a detox drink which is used by many users to cheat on their drug tests and pass them. And, it really works! It comes with accompanying products such as Xxtra Clean and users recommend that it should be used with other methods of toxin removal.

Visit to learn how

One of the great pros of using this detox drink is that it works on people who are obese as well as heavy users. Of course it takes longer to cleanse the system of toxins in this case but in two weeks it can work wonders. The detox works because of a few simple principles. It adds the nutrients which lead to false negatives on a standard test and it also clears your urine of all detectable toxins.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is chemically formulated urine which is mostly used by people to breeze through drug tests. Most of the clinics ask employees to pee on a labelled bottle, and if you’re smart enough to sneak in some fake pee, you will clear the test.

Keep in mind while using synthetic pee is to be able to maintain the temperature. Most of the fake pee sold online come with thermometer and heat activating powder in the kit. But, they come costly.

Other thing you must consider is the brand you are going to choose because few brands make use of preservatives to make the synthetic urine last longer, which can be flagged as suspicious.

In case you want to compare the real urine with synthetic urine, it is impossible to tell the differences between the two. Both of them have the same texture, color, smell and would form froth as well just like the real urine. In fact, the fake urine would even include the organic ingredients like urea, uric acid, creatinine, metabolites, etc. just like the real urine sample available.

Some of the renowned brands that you can try are Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.2.

At the end of it, you need to keep in mind that these products just mask the THC ad not completely out of your system. The best way is abstaining from it at least 120 days before you start applying for jobs.