the Question about how Spotify is going to improve its margins, vis-à-vis the music companies have been in the company since its launch in late 2008.

it is Now shipping the streamingjätten a small piece of the puzzle in their ”two-sided " marketplace,” which can contribute to the solution.

In essence, it is to be paid to the sponsorship of music, without having to annoy your users too much.

on Thursday, announced by the Spotify that, for the first time to offer to music labels and other stakeholders in the sector to pay, in order to promote artists on the platform.

This is to be done within the system, such as Spotify calls ”music for you”, or ”the Brand New Music For You”), and that shows up in the form of a visual pop-up in your application.

the tiles are in place it is today, and has been, a way for Spotify to the flag of the new record, and låtsläpp of the artists within the genres to which the users are interested in.

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