The Honest Ads Act, spearheaded by Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who is among those running for president in 2020, would, if passed, force social media networks to reveal the organisations paying for political ads on their platforms.

“The goal of the Honest Ads Act is simple: to ensure that voters know who is paying to influence our political system,” Klobuchar said when she introduced the bill.

“The bill would put in place the same rules of the road for social media platforms that currently apply to political ads sold on TV, radio, and in print regarding disclaimers and disclosures so that Americans know who is behind the ads they see online.”

In other techno-political news... A leaked US government memo warns the White House is sidelining its cybersecurity team, thus weakening its networks and leaving it open to attack by foreign spies.

It is said that President Trump is weeding out career staff installed under Obama to counter Russian hacking, a move that could backfire if it results in the loss of expertise and manpower.

A gang of GOP members gate-crashed a secure room for handling classified information – a so-called Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) – operated by the House of Rep' Intelligence Committee, bringing in smartphones and broadcasting their protest online.

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