Don Valentine, founder of Silicon Valley venture firm Sequoia Capital died on Friday, the firm said.

Valentine spent nearly 40 years working in Silicon Valley, and Sequoia Capital is widely credited with cementing California's Bay Area as the tech powerhouse it is today.

Some of Valentine's early investments that paved the way for Sequoia Capital include the gaming company Atari in 1975 and computing giant Apple in 1978.

According to Sequoia, Valentine was not without his quirks, saying that he "favored green ink," and "never drank coffee."

A Sequoia Capital spokeswoman told the New York Times that Valentine died of natural causes.

Valentine graduated from Fordham University before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for Fairchild Semiconductor, one of the earliest technology startups that ultimately spun off computing giants Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and National Semiconductor.

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