How do you make the McLaren P1 go faster?

Certainly not with stripes, but with 3D-printed titanium wheels which are super-light, and therefore help that 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged 903hp engine get up to speed just that little bit quicker.

This just shows the many diverse applications that 3D printing can have, with the technology potentially giving more pedestrian (so to speak) sports cars a boost in the future.

In this case, as spotted by, the McLaren P1’s 3D-printed wheels (see the video below) were fashioned from titanium and made by California-based HRE, which has long been working on fancy wheels.

HRE is, in fact, on its second-generation concept 3D-printed wheels, the HRE3D+ titanium wheel, produced in conjunction with GE Additive.

The wheels feature a carbon fiber barrel with 3D-printed titanium spokes, and on the P1, weigh only a touch over 9kg each.

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