Intel’s only major desktop CPU release in 2019, the Core i9-9900KS, is almost ready to hit store shelves and review test benches.

It’s not a major release when compared with the likes of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 debut in July, but it’s still the most exciting desktop development from Intel in 2019, and it does break some boundaries.

Most notably, it’s the first 5GHz, all-core CPU that can hit those frequencies right out of the box without a sniff of overclocking.

The 9900KS isnt’t a brand new chip, but rather a “limited edition” of the 9900K.

In other words, if you bought a 9900K before now, there’s a decent chance it’s capable of hitting 5GHz across all cores (and maybe beyond).

The 9900KS is just a 9900K that is guaranteed to do that out of the box without you having to overclock it.

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