For something intended to be hidden out of sight, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2019) sure is a funny shape.

Then again, after four years solidifying its reputation as the go-to Android TV box, perhaps NVIDIA’s brand new SHIELD TV is allowed to step outside the lines a little.

One thing’s for sure: with a new AI-powered upscaler, lower sticker price, and brand new remote, there’s more to this 2019 model than just a fresh shape.

While the SHIELD TV Pro, which launches alongside this model, looks much like its predecessor, NVIDIA had different goals for its mass-market version.

Misplace it behind the coach cushions and you can make it ring, Tile-style, either from the SHIELD TV app for iOS and Android, or by pressing a button on the SHIELD TV itself.

Finally, there’s a new Settings key, which can be programmed to launch the app of your choice or to trigger things like mute, taking a screenshot, or open the recent apps or all apps views.

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