When your business or startup needs a mobile app development partner to successfully execute a project for you, getting your requirements clear is a very important first step. A major reason for failed or poorly executed app projects is neglect for a well-planned requirement gathering process, commonly known as the discovery phase. A poorly conducted or overlooked discovery phase can result in project deliverables not meeting a client’s expectations, wasting valuable time and money.

A mobile app development client questionnaire is a great starting point for requirement gathering and laying a solid foundation to build amazing software products that live up to a client’s expectations. First of all, it helps in simplifying the entire app development process. It will help the app development firms to be more knowledgeable and professional about their work from the initial stage of a new client relationship. It proves that they have a procedure to follow for their services.

Below you will find a series of questions broken down into logical categories than a professional app development company may ask you to understand your specific app development needs and provide an accurate cost and timeline estimate. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are here to explain you the most significant questions you need to be able to answer.

While defining a mobile strategy is somehow alike to defining a business plan, it is very circumstantial. Some of the clients might be having a business plan complete with competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, elevator pitch, GTM pitch and everything you can think about it. Having a well thought out product development strategy significantly increases the chances of an app being successful. Here are a few questions related to mobile strategy a mobile app development company can ask you to get a better understanding of the objectives and goals of your projects.

What is the overall goal of your app?

Are there any references or similar applications? if Yes, share details.

Need assistance with refining app concept?

Need assistance in technology selection and implementation approach?

Need assistance for competitive analysis?

Read more on Mobile App Development Client QuestionnaireNeed assistance in defining business model?

Do you prefer online or in-person brainstorming workshop sessions with experts?

Need assistance in creating the blueprint of the application (Wireframes, FSD, BRD)?

What is the anticipated number of app users?

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