The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 are two upcoming smartphones that would be dropping pretty soon – that’s no secret.

One piece of information that has remained officially unconfirmed is whether or not both devices are one and same devices for different markets.

Well, reports suggest Mi Note 10 is the Global variant of the CC9 Pro, and now it appears we have some more concrete evidence to prove that.

The Xiaomi CC9 Pro with the codename TUCANO earlier this week appeared on the Geekbench Benchmark database.

Now, the Xiaomi Mi Note10 has taken the Geekbench test, and interestingly, it has the same ‘Tucana’ codename which indicates both are identical devices.

Now, that s more than enough evidence to prove they are both one and same device, albeit destined for different markets.

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