If you’ve hopped into Destiny 2 since the game’s big October 29th update, you may have noticed a brand new PVP mode sitting in the Crucible: Momentum Control.

While this is a variation on the game’s flagship point capture game mode, it can be overwhelming to hop into at first thanks to a myriad of differences.

Like regular Control, the point of this mode is to capture zones by standing on them.

The more zones you control, the more points you get for each kill.

That means you won’t have to wait a few seconds to come back after you die like normal, which is great because you’re going to die a lot more often in Momentum because your radar tracker will be disabled.

You’ll have to play more aggressively than you might be used to here, so make sure to jump into the action when your team has more zones controlled so you can push the momentum.

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