These are the kind of questions that will crop up in mind when moving your assets to the flexibility and decentralised nature of a cloud environment.

As organisations move to the cloud, Diana Kelley, Microsoft’s Cyber Security Field CTO, told TechRadar Middle East, that they [organisations] don’t have the same kind of visibility they had on-premises but that does not mean they don’t have visibility.

With the right planning and cloud partner or partners, she said that even highly sensitive assets can be transitioned to the cloud in a secure and trusted manner without losing visibility and control.

Moreover, she said that Azure Security Centre gives another layer of visibility such as compliance manager, which is integrated into the Azure and can report on the compliance status and “we also have Secure Score, where organisations can understand the current ranking of their configuration within Azure and compare that to similar organisations by size and protocol”.

Within Office 365, you can know who touched the apps and which document in One Drive, who sent the document to whom and who was able to access the document, whether it is from inside or outside.

There is a lot of rich reporting, audit and tools that are available now,” she said.

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