If you grew up in the golden age of coin-op arcades, you probably dream of having your own machine (or machines) in the den, where you can play all the Pac-Man or Galaga you want -- no quarters required.

Full-size cabinets are generally crazy-expensive, though, which is what keeps most of us from living the dream.

The antidote: Arcade1Up has a line of affordable three-quarter scale upright cabinets and slightly pricier cocktail-table cabinets.

We've seen deals on the former, but very few on the latter.

Thankfully, that just changed: Right now, you can get the Arcade1Up Deluxe 8-in-1 Head to Head Cocktail Table for $420, down from the regular price of $500.

To get that deal, you need to sign in to Rakuten.

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