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Go social or go home has become a meeting-planning mantra. Technology and social media are a part of daily life in today’s business world, and your next event shouldn’t be any different. Integrating social media into your next meeting is a proven way to join the conversation and raise awareness for your next event or cause—and generate excitement among your guests. We are using technology in everyday life whether it is to interact with family or friends (Facebook, Whats app.) or to book a cab (Uber, Ola) or to select or find a good restaurant for a meal (Zomato) or to book a venue for your upcoming event. Well, that’s very much possible that we can book a venue by logging on to Baithe Baithe.

Baithe Baithe is a digital online platform that helps you select venues for your upcoming events sitting at home or your workstation with just a click of a button. It presents you with consolidated information regarding all venues across multiple cities on a real-time basis. You can straightaway book the venue too! It is that simple and here is a snapshot of how it really makes your life THAT SIMPLE.

  1. Venue availability on a real-time basis: You can check the availability of all venues across multiple cities on a real-time basis without having to visit the site personally.
  2. Complete knowledge of Ambiance & Aesthetics: Since you get access to the pictures, floor plans pertaining to the venue, it provides you an idea about the interiors and ambiance of the place.
  3. Layout & Design: Understanding the ambiance helps you to figure out the layout for your event. You can pre-plan your seating before you go to the venue and discuss the set-up details.
  4. Special offers & Pricing: Baithe Baithe shares the price points or deals or special offers of all the venues. Being aware of the pricing prior always puts you in an advantageous position and sitting at your home you can draw the price comparison between several options.
  5. Food & Beverage: Detailing the food and beverage become easy as the list of menus will already be available to you.
  6. Reviews: Customers who have already hosted an event in those venues, that you have shortlisted or chosen generally to leave a review about the place regarding their experience. Having access to those reviews or feedback provides you with a deeper insight and knowledge about the venue and hence makes your decision simpler.

Technology today is changing the meetings and event industry. Embracing this new technology will really make the venue booking journey for you like a cakewalk. You can skip many of those site inspections, meetings with venue reps and long tiring negotiation process. Rather you do all your homework right at the beginning and book the venue online with Baithe Baithe. Utilize the saved energy and time to attend to your guests and perhaps enjoy the event yourself. After all, you have also done a lot of hard work!