RTMS is a tank monitoring and distribution optimization solution outlined to enable distributors of gases and fuels and any other fluid to remotely analyze tank fill levels, inventory and thereby enhance route optimization for their delivery drivers with the help of the power of the wireless connectivity and IoT devices.

As uncertainty in the global oil and gas industry develops, businesses are looking above and beyond just controlling assets and are now focusing on combining data across their complete value chain, developing advanced workflow solutions to estimate market shifts, minimize costs and generate new revenue streams.

According to Berg Insight, the globally located base of active remote tank monitoring units reached almost 1.8 million by the end of 2017.

Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 37.2%, it is evaluated to reach 8.6 million units worldwide in 2022. These are shattering numbers that will surely show profitable for leaders that exploit the value of IoT tank monitoring solutions across their complete operation.

Remote Tank Monitoring Solutions Covers Various Industries:

Remote Tank Monitoring System allows you to examine fluid levels in multiple tanks, across several sites, all from your computer or Smartphone for real-time access to data you can utilize to minimize your costs, enhance your efficiency and develop your customer base.

Oil and Gas Industry

RTMS can assist here to analyze and trace in real-time inventories as well as the delivery of petroleum that is provided to several retailers.

Chemical Industry

It helps to save your employees from unnecessary reveal to liquid and acids which dangerous in nature. Also, analyze the utilized oil and waste liquid collection.

Water Management & Treatment bodies

Analyze the water level and storage deficiency in the supply chain.

Beverage Industry

Analyze the water level and storage deficiency in the supply chain. Pre alerts are provided in case of any leakage etc.

How RTMS works

At relatively low costs, wireless tank analyzes are easy to install sensor-based devices that are leaked into a tank to calculate the level, temperature and pressure of the product in the tank.

Usually susceptible to outdoor elements and potentially extreme weather, the tank monitoring device is extremely robust and highly substantial.

Battery life is equally essential as the origin of data collection starts with the IoT device. Since the tank monitor utilizes in remote locations, the battery is outlined to transmit data periodically over many years without the requirement for a replacement. Visibility begins at the device level, catching tank level and product consumption.

The data is then shared across verticals and customers for complete transparency across the value chain.

Alerts and notifications are set based on business rules which directly communicate to specific tank levels, providing customers the ability to proactively plan and control different functions involving operations, sales, management, finance, customer service and maintenance.

The real value of IoT tank monitoring

The next level of value comes when each business unit monitors and relates the data from these remote assets and other integrated 3rd party systems.

Customers can then dynamically schedule their business activity for days, even weeks out. However, to accelerate the flow of data from one department to the next, proper planning and customized implementation are necessary.

When holding IoT to attach your assets and processes, there are three incremental value steps that should be considered. First, describe your desired operational goals and regulate how you will estimate your initial ROI.

Then, learn how to monitor and correctly apply various data points, notifications and alerts, in order to make quick, intelligent business decisions.

Finally, interpret your long-term business goals, which combine all facets of the business, resulting in a new working standard that operates efficiency throughout your complete supply chain.

By relating logical rules that affect multi-departmental processes, rapid and intelligent decision-making becomes the standard.

IoT is changing the world. Leaders in the petroleum industry notice the value of an integrated IoT strategy.

Improving efficiency across an organization minimizes cost while giving a reliable, secure and productive environment. The IoT strategy also sets the step for creating new revenue streams and more value for the customer. Classroom IoT Training will help you to learn more about IoT Solutions