As you develop and grow your business over the years, you put a lot of thought into your facilities. Considerable time and expense goes into choosing and maintaining your buildings for the workspace, the clients and the inventory. When unwanted water, in the form of rain or from pipes, breaches your defenses you need professional help. CPR will help your facility recover from water damage cleanup in Akron and get your business back on track.

Recent industry reports identified water leaks as the most common defect in buildings. Leaking water in reinforced concrete creates a perfect opportunity for rust and decay; leaking water and air borne salts speed up concrete corrosion. Water leakages in buildings result mainly due to 1) inadequate construction design, 2) inferior materials, 3) poor workmanship and 4) deterioration of building materials. Here’s what you should look for:

Risks to You and Your Staff

Water leaks are devastating to the health of commercial buildings and its occupants. Moisture can enter the building envelope in many ways: leaking roofs, basements, water features, wet areas and water installations. Since concrete is a porous and permeable material, water will spread easily from the source into the structure.

Water leakages in the buildings due to poor maintenance and building defects can also lead to growth of mold that could cause serious health and safety issues for the occupants. Evidence supports the relationship between water leaks in buildings and respiratory symptoms in occupants.

Bathrooms Are Double the Trouble

Problem in bathrooms are two fold: the damage in the bathroom plus the resulting ceiling leaks on the level below. Regular inspections by the maintenance team are required for all your wet spaces. However, you should also develop a protocol that encourages your workers to immediately report any leaks or problems. A few days really can make a huge difference.

Leakages in wet areas of high-rise buildings recorded high number of defects, in a recent study. With growing maintenance costs of existing buildings and facilities, researchers worldwide emphasize the importance of awareness of the root cause of the failures. The annual maintenance cost for wet areas is about forty percent of the total maintenance cost of a building.

Roof Leaks

Akron’s extreme weather can deteriorate and cause water damage in your building. Rain, snow and direct sun combine to degrade metal, asphalt, concrete, and all roofing materials. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to the physical structure; symptoms such as water streaks, damp patches, paint peeling-off, or rust stains on the ceiling are clear indications that the roof waterproofing system has failed. Often the ceiling is cosmetically repaired without addressing the source of leaks. Professional technicians are trained to investigate and determine the cause of the damage, then present a safe remedy.

Wet Basements

Leakages in basements can have many causes: poor selection of the waterproofing system, inadequate detailing, faulty design, weak concrete quality, substandard workmanship, post construction damage to waterproofing membrane.

Water seepage could also originate from the non-basement features of above ground landscaping, water features, or water ponding. Insufficient slope or clogged drainage could result in moist areas that lead to mold growth in the basement. The challenges of soil mechanics and groundwater conditions should have been considered during the design stage; after-the-fact, our professional team can make recommendations to improve site specific drainage and waterproofing systems.

Water Damage Cleanup in Akron

When your business is on the line, you need the best team at your office to clean up water damage within the hour. Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) is a restoration company positioned to bring the best technicians to your office, store, or warehouse and immediately repair your water damage cleanup in Canton. Our expert team offers 24-7 immediate response and is dedicated to customer satisfaction, serving Akron and surrounding areas.