The kids of the many will have to be happy with a packet of crisps for Christmas handed over by a shop assistant wearing a seasonally coloured SPAR hat, as the fortunate children of the super-rich few are the only ones allowed to enjoy a visit with Santa in the privacy of the Harrods grotto.

The upmarket department store for people who do not shop around has installed a basic limit of £2,000 on the amount that must be spent in-store before their children qualify to visit the old man who's pretending to be Santa.

Like, some people spend £2,000 in one shop, and don't emerge with a car or deposit for a flat in return.

That's their usual shopping bill.

Oh but there's more too.

The families who do somehow blow £2,000 on hams and jumpers and candy canes with edible gold leaf horn handle detailing and whatnot must then spend a further £20 to book an appointment with Santa.

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