An unknown Xiaomi smartphone, bearing the model number M1911U2E, has just bagged one of the pre-requisite pre-release approvals hinting at an imminent launch in China.

The National Radio Authority in China granted Xiaomi the approval for the device alleged to be the upcoming Redmi K30.

Unlike TENAA which usually details the device’s specs, the NRA listing doesn’t reveal much about it but it does reveal it supports 4G and 5G network.

Hence, the speculations that it is the upcoming Redmi K30 smartphone.

We’ve been hearing of the Redmi K30 for quite some time now, although details and exact release date still aren’t available.

The company’s GM Lu Weibing first hinted of the device back in October at the Redmi 8 launch where he shared a few specifics about the upcoming device.

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