this is A set of cameras and a computer are all that are needed in order to make your car, at least in part self-driven.

the U.s. startup's Ghost Locomotion has attracted more than 600 million, to the idea of a eftermarknadskit.

more and more observers seem to think that fully self-driven cars are more difficult to develop than expected.

Driving between the exits of the highways are in a relatively simple environment, which is fully operational today.

given that two-thirds of all driving in the united states is done on the highways – and a lot of people have already have a developing in the american startup Ghost the Locomotion of a eftermarknadskit to be able to make a 20 ”top models” from 2012 onwards, to be capable of driving autonomously on highways, writes Venturebeat.

it Has raised 617 million u.s. dollars.

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