A deal reached by the Trump administration that allowed design blueprints for 3D-printed guns to be published online has been overturned, after being judged to violate federal law.

As Bloomberg reports, District Judge Robert Lasnik decided that the State Department failed to give a proper explanation last year when it previously overturned a ruling dating back to the Obama administration which stopped Defense Distributed from making its blueprints available online.

Lasnik observed: “No findings of fact or other statements are provided in the settlement agreement [to allow the blueprints for 3D-printed guns online] that address, much less invalidate, the federal government’s prior analysis regarding the likely impacts of publication on national security or world peace or that otherwise explain the federal government’s change of position.”

Defense Distributed argued that making these CAD files available online was a matter of free speech.

However, Lasnik did not agree, finding the Trump administration’s reversal of the previous ruling “arbitrary and capricious” and therefore that “it is unlawful and must be set aside”.

Lasnik further noted that aspects of the problem which Congress deemed important were not considered.

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