In the present era of the latest technological trends, Salesforce CRM is making history delivering the best services in a single attempt. It has always been ahead of its rivalries in bringing the latest trends into power and helping more number of customers ultimately. This has never been an easy task, but the trust of people is really important to get ahead. Text messages have always helped people in all types of situations, whether it be critical or even uncontrollable. Understanding the value of SMS in people’s lives, Salesforce came up with the latest integration allowing its users to send or receive texts from the same account. This is going to promote the usage of texts to the next level for the upcoming generations as well. The blog highlights the importance of SMS in the lives of the people along with its practical applications. Continue reading to know more.

Undoubtedly, text messaging is among the most convenient and frequently used communication channels among the masses. It’s easy user interface and cheaper rates are the biggest reasons why the majority of the people prefer to use texts over emails or phone calls. Moreover, it has up to 95% open-rates whereas emails got only 35-40%, which leads to a greater difference. There are various other reasons as well which makes salesforce text messaging a huge success. As mentioned earlier, this wonderful utility by Salesforce CRM gives freedom to the users to make the most out of it without switching between their CRM and SMS apps.


Amongst the wide variety of texting apps present on the Salesforce AppExchange, the users can easily make a choice keeping their related needs and interests in mind so that the perfect app makes its way to help them reach closer to their goals day by day. Choosing the right app for your business firm can be a complete game-changer. It can help you accomplish your goals sustainably in a comparatively lesser period of time. It can be a complete savior for you, no matter which industry you might work for.

On a concluding note, it can be said that selecting the right Salesforce text messaging app for your business can be among the greatest steps taken for its growth and betterment. Still looking for the best app for texting for Salesforce? We are here to help. Natively built on Salesforce CRM, 360 SMS App can be your ultimate solution to texting. It provides you with additional benefits apart from the basic functionality of sending or receiving texts. Thinking of giving it a try? Connect with our team today and book a slot for a free demo now. Experience the best of texting now.