There’s also the analytics service IoT SiteWise; the application builder IoT Things Graph; and the cybersecurity suite IoT Device Defender, to name a few others.

To get a sense of the IoT landscape through Amazon’s lens just over two months out from the company’s annual AWS re:Invent conference, we spoke with CTO Werner Vogels earlier this week in a phone interview.

Conversation topics ranged from the challenges involved in device deployment to the privacy concerns that arise as data from IoT devices is collected and processed.

[Some are on] drilling platforms hundreds of miles out to sea, where connectivity is not always stable.

IoT Greengrass is often used for these scenarios, which is our IoT environment that can operate independently of the cloud.

In these IoT scenarios, it’s not just a matter of IoT — it’s IoT plus intelligent processing so that machine learning can be applied to get insights that improve safety and efficiency.

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