What is a renal cyst?

The renal cyst is a fluid-like sac that develops on your kidneys. These cysts can grow on both of your kidneys. Most of the cysts are noncancerous, but there is some polycystic cyst that can damage your kidneys or host organ.

The normal renal cyst can occur due to many reasons, and in most cases, it can be cured without any medicines. Therefore, we are going to talk about the polycystic kidney cysts. Cysts made in this disorder can grow larger and damage the host organ. In this disorder, cysts can also develop on other organs. Ayurvedic remedies for renal cyst can reduce the progression of this disorder naturally.

Symptoms of renal cysts

A simple cyst may not have any symptoms, but when its size grows larger, then there are some chances that it can affect your kidneys and some symptom may arise:

• Severe Fever
• Pain in your back or side
• Pain in your abdomen
• Urine frequency increases
• Blood in your urine
• Discoloration of your urine
• Hypertension

Ayurvedic remedies for renal cyst can help you in treating the faulty genes to recover and influence with ease.

Complications of this disorder

Generally, there is no cause of having cysts. Apart from its genetic factor, there is no other cause of having renal cysts. Some health complications occur due to this disorder that are:

• Infection in the cyst
• Bursting of the cyst
• Obstruction in the urine outflow
• High blood pressure

Diagnosis of kidney cysts

For the diagnosis of this health condition, your health care provider may suggest you some test that can unveil this health condition.

• Urine test – In this health disorder, there is leakage of blood in your urine. Therefore your doctor will check the level of red blood cells in your urine.
• Computed tomography (CT) scans – This test will give you the idea of any kidney abnormality.
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – In this test, magnets and radio waves are used to get a sharp image of your kidneys and cysts.
• Ultrasound – Sound waves are used to get a clear picture of your kidneys and the cysts on your kidneys.

If the cysts are diagnosed in tests, then they suggest blood tests to check any other abnormality with your kidneys. If there is a normal cyst, then it doesn’t need any treatment. You have to follow a proper diet that can eliminate these cysts from your kidneys. If there is the presence of multiple cysts on your kidneys, then you have to opt Ayurvedic treatment for PKD. This treatment involves some dietary changes that are as follows:

• High fibre – You have to consume high fiber food items like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.
• Control the intake of carbohydrates –You have to avoid bread and pasta. You can eat slow crab food items in your diet.
• Protein – red meat is rich in protein, and you have to avoid them. You can consume low protein food items.
• Fat – You have to avoid the foods that are rich in fat. You can consume healthy types of fatty acids, including flax seeds and walnuts.
• Processed foods – Avoiding processed food, canned food items, and sugary drinks with fructose syrup that can obstruct the functioning of your kidneys.
• Reduce your body weight – You have to decrease the portion size of your food item. You have to maintain a healthy body weight.

These tips can help you eliminate the symptoms of this disorder and also helps you in combating the complications of this disorder.

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