Software development process

Software development is the structure according to which a process is built that ensures the creation of a graphic product as a result of such activities. There are several models of such a process, each of which describes its own approach, in the form of tasks and/or activities that take place during the process. The choice of development methodology for a particular project depends on the requirements.

Methodologies represent the core of software development management theory. To the existing classification, depending on the life cycle model used in it (waterfall or iterative methodologies), a more general classification for predictable and adaptive methodologies has been added.

A specific software product is implemented through the selected methodology. It is she who determines how the development will be carried out. There are many successful software development methodologies. The choice of a specific methodology depends on the size of the team, on the specifics and complexity of the project, on the stability and maturity of the processes in the company, and on the personal qualities of the employees.