Once, selling and buying in stock market was done via phone calls, through which you confess your stockbroker who would charge you to carry out your decision. But today, with the advent of stock trading apps, it has become possible to perform your stock trades through your favourite stock trading app. Here is the list of top 5 stock trading apps which succeeds in the attempt to revolutionize the stock market within our hands.


Today Robinhood is one of the most successful and best stock trading apps in the market. The most attractive fact about Robinhood is, the application offers free stock trades. It almost help its users to search, manage and track their stocks.


E-TRADE is the stock exchange mobile app for Windows phone through which users can acquire real-time streaming updates about stock exchange market, manage your stock market accounts, perform stock trades, and much more using your Windows device.


Stash is one of the leading stock trading app which highly make benefits for the newbies who are interested in stock exchange investment. Generally Stash aid the users to invest in little amount and enlighten them about the entire stock trading world.

TD Ameritrade:

Well TD Ameritrade is one of the largest brokerage platform which makes the overall people to experience the outclass stock trading via its feature rich application.


Acorns is another stock trading app which suits for people who have interest in stock investment without any idea where and how to invest.

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The Key Features of Stock Market Application

If you are the one planning to build your own stock trading app, then here are some of the following features you need to consider before getting an application in hands. So, it is better to seek a premium company for mobile app development like MacAnrdo to acquire all the functionalities in a best way.

Stocks Hunting

Every application founds to be beneficial having an option of “searching” or “hunting” the investors and traders in a stock trading application that helps to search for the available stocks and trending stock market rate.

Push Notifications

As a very important one in stock trading app development, getting an update to the stocks that are in live and active to move called “Push notifications” help to reach out the stocks at a right time by predicting the market that avoids loss to the traders.

Market Trends & Analysis

The stock market participants can collect the information that is analyzed based on their statistics in the stock market. This happens by acquiring an opportunity with acknowledgment of their trades, transactions etc.

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