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Chile Build Bim - Get the best AEC solutions services in Chile. Nosotrosproporcionar the best BIM management and coordination’nservicios in Chile paraproyectosbim, families, BIM coordination BIM. Contácontact us - +56 2 2946 2493

BIM Project

Scanavini, empresa líder in locks for doors and quincallería, has commissioned BuildBIM the development of your Catálogo BIM solutions for Hospitals, putting ace’ available’n library’to object to their customers in the face of the National Mandate BIM 2020.

BuildBIM developá BIM Objects for the platforms Archicad and Revit, under the requirements established by the Plan BIM and following the recommendations of the BIM Object Standard v2.0 prepared by the NBS, UK.

Families BIM

BuildBIM in collaboration’n with a Construction Workshop and Aquaheat, develops’ modelling and coordinating’n specialty HVAC for the new complex of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. The construction of’n has a área total of 35.700m2, incorporating offices, a lab, área modeling, área of manufacturing’n, wineries and a centre of distribution’n large-scale.

BIM advanced has been a requirement of the client for this project, including, apart from the coordinating’n digital, the incrustaci’n of information’re in the model to be used in Facilities Management, once finished the stage of building’re.

bim projects

BuildBIM in collaboration’n with a Construction Workshop and David Browne Contractors, develops’ modelling and coordinating’n specialty HVAC for the new educational complex Shirley Boys’ High and Avonside Girls’ High Schools.

The school's facilities include an arts centre for 750 people, a theater with capacity for 100 people, four tennis sport with a track of 400m, three gyms indoor, a cafetería and a kitchen full equipped for education’n and training.

Build BIM

BuildBIM in collaboration’n with Construction Workshop, develops’ modelling and coordinating’n digital for the services of the building The Antipodean. This project of 15 apartments, built by Watts and Hughes includes 161 departments, a 20-metre pool and parking undergroundáneos.

BuildBIM realiz’ the modeling of the specialties Hydráulica, Theéctrica and Fire, reporting the interference to través of the platform Revizto.

BIM Management and Coordination’n in Chile

Construction Components, a company specializing in the construction’n prefabricated and modular solutions, has required the services of BuildBIM for the modeling, the coordinating’n, and the plans for construction’n of their bathrooms prefabricated . Due to the construction of’re done completely outside of the work, accuracy’n of the information’n crítica.

The full integration’n BIM in the process of prefabricaci’n offsite, has the advantage reducci’n of the traditional costs of the construction’re at work, reducci’n péloss of materials, time of facility’n más ráswift, certainty in the estimaci’re costs, reducci’n supervision’n in work and a better quality of build’n and terminations.

Coordination BIM

BuildBIM, in collaboration’n with Redbike and McKay ,develops the modelaci’n & coordinating’néctrica to the International Convention Centre New Zealand (NZICC) in Auckland. This project has an estimated budget of NZ $ 700M, with facilities of high estástandard.

The role of BuildBIM was working together with our client McKay to deliver services BIM Management, Modelling and Coordination’n systems theéctricos, using a model coordinated to produce construction drawings and construction’re. A project of this scale includes a density of services is considerable, which must be coordinated in conjunction with the steel structure, HVAC, Hydraulicáhydraulic, RCI, and other sub-specialties.


Founded in 2012, we are a Chilean company-new zealand was created to take advantage of the máximo the qualities of collaborative Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Our goal is to become an integral part of our customers ' operations, developing synergies that improve their productivity. Each client is different and, as such, we commit ourselves to learning their requirements and processes, while maintaining a communication’re organized and frequent to maximize efficiency.

Our clients include builders, offices of engineersía, and specialties architecture, real estate, and suppliers of industry products of construction’re.

CAE Solutions


We are aiming for a design&bathrooms;or coordinated ensuring documentation’n accurate and reliable to the estimaci’re costs, construction’n, manufacturing’n & facility management. We use the &number;last technologyíto construction’n digital, the life cycle of buildings, from the studio to accommodate up to asset management

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