While using scaffolding, you may require a combination of tools and equipment to make them more efficient. The added accessories will also help you in achieving more safety for your construction site workers. Below are some additional tools that you will need when using scaffolds.

Safety Harness and Lanyard

The more the height that the scaffolds will go, the riskier it becomes to use them without the right safety considerations. In this case, a good safety harness anda lanyard come in handy to ensure the optimum safety of anyone working on the platforms.

A harness can come in different waist and full-body sizes while the size of a conventional lanyard is three feet. These two are usually attached to a safety rope and are useful for protecting a site worker from tripping or falling to the ground in case the platform crumbles.

Socket Set

A good socket set is no doubt required to set up scaffolding. Whether it is for a one-floor scaffolding platform or temporary fencing, setting them up needs a selection of sockets that will fit every need. This will also help to ensure the platforms are sturdier and can hold any weight per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

The cross braces, for example, are attached to the main frames using pins and clamps. The clamps and pins, in return, have bolts and nuts that need loosening or tightening depending on the need. In this case, a set of sockets will be required when assembling or disassembling the scaffolds.

The key consideration here is the type of sockets that you have. Usually, it is better to buy a set with both the metric and standard sockets since not all scaffolding have standard bolts and nuts, especially if they are built outside the United States.

A Tape Measure

A tape measure is essential when setting up scaffolds. The tape measure, in this case, will help to ascertain the actual height that the scaffolding needs to be depending on the structure. Additionally, it will help the workers to square up frames.

A Level

Setting scaffolding structures needs to be done on a sturdy and level ground. In this case, you will need to level the ground to ensure you are in line with what the manufacturers recommend for each scaffold. With a good level, you have a better way of finding a leveled foundation and also ensure that they are horizontally straight and plumb.