UEFA Nations League

What is the Nations League?

The Nations Cup is a Fußball tournament between the Männer-national teams, in which all of the 55 member verbände der europäof Fußparticipate in ball Union. It will take place in the two-year rhythm.

play Because of several complaints from the clubs –about the declining importance of friendship, began in 2011, the planning für a new Nations-tournament.

2018 schließand the Nations League is introducedührt. They replaced the games of friendship, which is why there are no date conflicts with the European Championships or the world Cup.

What is the influence of the Nations League in the European championship?

The teams are divided into four leagues. The, with the best players, League A, consists of the zwölf teams and four groups of three, just like League B. In League C there are 15 teams in three groups of four and one group of three. In the last play of 16 teams in four groups of four.

The winner of each League on the rise in the höhere. The losers from the rise in turn. The also have an impact on the championship. 20 teams für the EM are determined zunächst surprisingly, most of the Nations League. The four remaining Plätze be determined by four Play-off games, in which all the 16 group winners to participate.

What are the advantages of the Nations League betting?

There are some new benefits for für sports betting. The fact that the Nations League games have an impact on the championship, they will be taken by the players and trainers seriously and no team will allow it to run in Overdrive. The Trainer will be außerdem to make any other in-game changes or changes to the tactics in the course of the game.

It will automatically give more Wettmöopportunities, such as live betting, long time betting, betting on the overall winner, tips on the group winner, bets on the or descent and to the gate–tzenkönig. Außerdem it is in the course of the tournament, many other special bets.

Through the different leagues, the games are very balanced, what

führt, the odds are much more attractive.

What are the disadvantages of the Nations League betting?

bets on the Nations League games are much harder für your favorites-Tipper.

Wäwhile the high rates are due to the balanced games, the advantage is on these bets, the risk is significantly hö.