Though the Gojek clone app is offered with 50+ inbuilt services, as an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to check whether you got the right one during the purchase. For any Gojek-like business, there are a few primary services that you must definitely incorporate to gain a maximum number of potential customers. With extensive research on on-demand businesses turnovers, here I have curated a list of service which can benefit you if you're planning to generate immense income in a short span.

  1. Ride-hailing service: As this is one of the prime reasons for the growth of on-demand applications, it can really be a profitable choice if you choose to have this service in your new app. But make sure to inspect your target location's competitors to be more productive and professional. Either you own a fleet or planning to become a third-party aggregator, ensure to have this in your app.
  1. Food delivery service: This is one of the growing businesses in the market, so offering this solution to your end-customers will undoubtedly help you in boosting your revenue. Ensure to provide the flexibility to allow your users to connect with their customers easily.
  1. Handyman service: This service includes all commercial necessities like hiring professionals for electrical works, plumbing, mechanics, etc. Allowing your users to access this service will certainly help you grab enough potential customers irrespective of the area. Inspect what your competitors are offering and plan for offering an upgraded version of it to be more unique.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are also other growing services like beauty, massage, tutor, etc. You can even try integrating these, yet it is crucial to check for the demand at your target location. Unless you have a handful of demands, you won't receive any profits.

To know more about market trends and growth, it is better if you hire a developer with a consulting team. Try Uber like app if you are interested. They give you ideas to scale your business in a way you want.