Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps eCommerce business to enhance customer experience via personalization. It targets potential customers to increase sales and recommend products based on their buying and browsing behavior.

As per an article published by Business Insider, mid 85% of all customer interactions will be managed without human support by the year 2020. Thinking about this progressive trend, several eCommerce businesses have started utilizing various types of artificial intelligence technology for understanding their customers better, offering them the best customer experience, and creating more sales and incomes.

In this article, we will read how artificial intelligence is transforming the eCommerce industry:

A Customer-Centric Approach

Sometimes after browsing the eCommerce website, customers leave their search as well as the website in between. Frequently it happens when the customers are not able to find their desired product. In such situations, AI can assist a business with a smart solution.

By narrowing, conceptualizing, and lastly refining the search results for online customers. AI can assist in eCommerce business battle with the issue. With machine learning, a sub-field of AI, mobile apps, and websites can integrate visual search factors that see the world from the customer’s eye.  It can assist the business to design and develop a customer-centric experience by using advanced video and image recognition technologies. This, further, results in good customer retention.

Chatbot Experiences

Have you ever experienced the customer care services of a business? How would you feel when your call is kept on hold and you need to wait for endless minutes before you connect with the agent? Irritated, isn't that so? You may then attempt to arrive at the business by so many emails or messages seeking after a return, which for the most part takes at least 48 hours. Such niggles bring about awful customer experience. Because of this, Artificial chatbots and Human Powered Live Chats are picking up the energy to propel customer service.

Chatbots are a computer program made to direct discussions through textual or auditory ways to mechanize conversation and build customer experiences. With chatbots, businesses can offer customers a genuine 24x7 customer service with personalized suggestions.

Recognize the Target Audience

AI can help eCommerce businesses in lead generation. AI offers solutions for sales, marketing, and CRM that support businesses in predictive marketing. Artificial intelligence enables marketers to fulfill the needs of the customer by giving constant services as well as solutions over the inquiries. With AI, a business likewise gets estimating abilities by computing customers’ purchase probabilities.

Communication Platforms

Artificial intelligence offers communication platforms, for example, Google Home or Amazon Echo that enables customers to carry on a task. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies like Natural Language Understanding, customers can address an automated machine to get answers to the queries about products.

The Virtual Mirrors Experience

It is built-in software that connects with customers to communicate just like humans. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, buyers can virtually "try on" clothing or other products to have an idea of what the product is and how it is looking on you. For example, Lens kart gives the buyer real-time mirrors to try on different specs/goggles/shades on-screen, giving them an idea of how they will look like in real.

In this manner, Artificial Intelligence gives an advantage to eCommerce businesses to enhance the customer experience in virtual mirrors.


With the thriving eCommerce business, more and more customers are acclimatizing to this trend for online shopping.  In such a brilliant situation, AI plays a crucial role in seeing the customers' buying behavior for developing personalized experience. 

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