Wave Health Keto In some instances commentators have confused high fructose corn syrup with common corn syrup or even pure fructose. This confusion might allocate some elements to HFCS which are not entirely accurate. At another angle the emotive word "high" can create public alarm about possible harmful effects. Realizing that the name for high fructose Wave Health Keto corn syrup does not help its cause, you now have a campaign to rename it to corn sugar.Some research indicates that in fact high fructose corn syrup is not all that different from sucrose. Therefore the assumption that sugar cane is better than HFCS is not entirely accurate. Perhaps the problems will arise during the manufacturing process. In fact HFCS has a component of 42% fructose elements numbered HFCS-42 and about 55% of another type of fructose that is numbered HFCS-55. The rest is free glucose and bound glucose. Additionally, there are traces of maltose and maltotriose. The higher fructose content of HFCS-80 and HFCS-90 is only found in highly specialized products that are not readily available on the market.