Sheet metal is a kind of integrated metal cold working technology for metal sheet (usually in under 6mm), usually the parts plastically deformed by handwork or stamping die to form your desired shape and size, and it also can be further formed more complex parts by welding or other metal cold working technology, including Laser cutting, punching, bending, riveting and so on (such as car body). The salient feature is must be same thickness with a whole part.

Laser cutting, CNC bending, CNC Punching (stamping), welding, riveting, grinding, Post-processing ( powder coating, painting, silk-screen, plating, laser engraving, anodizing ,etc)

TOLERANCE:Laser cutting sheet control to ±0.1mm; The welding parts normal control to 0.2-0.5mm, Holes ±0.05, The position of the hole ±0.1.

MACHINABLE SIZE:Thickness: Max thickness of 6mm; Min thickness 0.1mm; Outspread the maximum size of the sheet is 3000*3000mm.

MOQ:1 piece and up to 1000+parts, short run and mass production, Give you the best product.

DELIVERY TIME:Simple part only 1 day, short run and mass production need about 7-10days and on-time delivery rate as high as 97%.

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