Nowadays, the thought of living without eCommerce seems like a ship without a rudder. We spend most of our daily time on the internet for work, study, learning, entertainment, marketing, and business. All these commercial and social activities are not at all possible without the internet.

40 years back the eCommerce began, and the industry is still developing continuously. Thanks to the internet’s emergence in the early 90s that online shopping came to be what it is at present. The eCommerce industry has dominated the physical stores

Amazon was the first US-based successful eCommerce company, which was launched in 1995. It was exclusively an online book store. And, now is the leading brand in the world. It went from selling only books to now selling clothing, housewares, furniture, toys, and so on. 

Then, companies like Etsy or eBay followed the footsteps of Amazon, and become the go-to places to fulfill the online shopping needs.

But now, with the advancement in technologies, businesses experiment a lot to stay ahead of competitors. All you need is to create a better online shopping experience by knowing what their customers demand.

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