Mobile payment technology is advancing at a rapid pace to make the user’s experience more pleasant. The focus of customized mobile payment solutions is on enhancing their convenience while improving the security of online transactions. People tend to use mobile wallets for almost every transaction these days, and this is the major reason why the mobile wallet apps gain ground across the world. As per the difference in payment processes, we have three types of mobile wallet apps. Let’s go through these types one after another.
  • Three Types of Mobile Wallet Apps
1. This type of digital mobile wallet solution is useful for fund transfer. Users can readily send and receive money through this app. Here, the mobile service provider plays a critical role. 2. The second type of mobile wallet app is useful for promotional campaigns and discount offers. The users can get notifications about various schemes and discount coupons through an SMS. 3. The third type is an eWallet application to enable users to make mobile web payments. Various industry sectors can make the most of the wallet app development. Here are some of the top beneficiary industries of a customized mobile wallet app. Original Source: Mobile Wallet Application