The removal of oil tanks in Bergen County and the complete clean-up is handled by professionals. But if there is no access to the tank due to structural and landscape obstructions then the tank may be abandoned. If you are deciding to sell your property then the tank will have to be removed and the surrounding soil will have to be tested for contamination.

In Bergen County, there is a company that sees the removal of oil tanks in the shortest possible time. The company follows the strictest regulations and environmental codes.

Services provided by Oil Tank Removal Company in Bergen County

The company has helped many residents receive millions of dollars from grant funds with their grant approval. The following are the service provided:

  • Discovering and testing the location of the underground oil tank services and its systems
  • Finding the above ground oil tank and its systems in Bergen County
  • Completing and giving the required permit applications to the agencies in the locality
  • Preparing a plan of action to remove the tank within the homeowner’s budget, remediation or desertion
  • Excavation and elimination of the underground or above ground tank and its systems
  • Desertion
  • Fitting tanks and systems
  • Testing groundwater and soil for contaminants
  • Remediation of soil
  • Presentation of complete tank closure documentation by NJDEP guidelines
  • Aiding Bergen County homeowner’s get the claims and applications through loans and grants
  • Helping real estate brokers to make a correct assessment of oil tank issues between buyers and sellers.

Oil Tank Removal in Essex County

If you are deciding to buy or sell a property in Essex County you must make sure there is no oil tank buried underground. Before you buy the property contact the oil tank removal company to check if there is an underground oil tank. The problem of underground oil tanks is very common in older properties. It is better to have them removed as there could be seepage, leakage, and contamination.

There are companies in Essex County that will remove the underground tanks without any hassle. They will give an estimate which will include permit application and permit closure.

Removal of Oil Tank in Hudson County

If you have a property in Hudson County you should make sure there is no underground storage tank as it can be an environmental hazard and you may have to pay thousands of dollars in damage. Most of the homes in Hudson County are from 1950 and they may be underground tanks that were used in the building process. There are oil tank removal companies in oil tank removal Hudson County which have 25 years of experience and will help you get rid of your oil tank.

The company will give you an estimate and remove the tank providing you with detailed tank closure documentation and facilitate grant and loan.

Do you want to go for oil tank removal in Bergen County? Then visit to find the best company for the service.