One of Scotland's largest tourism events, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, has announced that it is the first Scottish tourism company to sign up for WeChat Pay, one of the largest payment systems in China, as he continues his plans to take over the country's military showcase in 2020.

Edinburgh Tattoo is near to its 70th anniversary that’s are celebrating in August 2020. Fans who want to join this iconic festival can buy Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets from our most consistent and unfailing online platform.

Although, WeChat also relatively unknown in Europe similar to Facebook Messenger or Snapchat, and is a huge social messaging network in Asia, with 938 million active users per month, 90% of which are in China.

The company behind WeChat, Tencent, was the first to simplify online payment and WeChat Pay has become a reliable method for millions of Chinese users to regularly pay for goods or services directly from their linked mobile handsets Bank accounts.

China is a world leader in the transition to a cashless society, with the mobile payment market worth 50 times more than in the United States last year, according to recent research.

The agreement was signed and will allow Tattoo to improve a wide range of its services for Chinese visitors, including a live Edinburgh Tattoo ticketing system for the 2018 fair and other services and goods.

The historic deal, which was unveiled by Tattoo CEO and producer Brigadier David Allfrey, follows the continuous influx of Chinese nationals making the trip to the Tattoo each year and the longer goal term to take the event in China in 2020.

There was an 89% increase in Edinburgh Tattoo Tickets sold directly to Chinese visitors for the Tattoo between 2015 and 2016. CEO and producer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Brigadier David Allfrey said, "It is a game-changer in building relationships with our Chinese customers and in partnerships in the future."

We have had a number of conversations in China in the past six years and are delighted to be the first Scottish tourism company to connect in this way. It sounds like an important step.

Together, WeChat and WeChat Pay will make talking to current and future customers easier and I hope they will make it easier for visitors to enjoy all that Scotland has to offer.

Beyond that, we are working with Chinese co-producers to bring a major contingent to Scotland in 2018 and take the show to China in 2020. We are proud to contribute to what has been called a golden era for relations between the United Kingdom and China.

We look forward to playing a small role in President Xi Jinping's Belt, Road initiative, which aims to build ties across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. For us, a road must carry ideas and traffic in both directions, and that perfectly coincides with the central objective of the Tattoo: to bring people together.

The director of Wikaas UK Ltd, Sudhir, said: We are delighted to have the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on board as our first merchant in Scotland accepting WeChat Pay.

As a "state-of-the-art" payment solution, WeChat Pay will bring major benefits to all parties concerned, while keeping the Chinese customer experience in mind, while promoting the brand The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in China via the official account.

This is all the more timely and relevant given the imminent entry of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo into mainland China in 2020.

Roddy Gow, founder, and president of the Asia Scotland Institute and the initiator of this initiative said: We think this is a very important step in creating really strong links between Scotland and China.

Unlocking the ability of Chinese visitors to pay for services and goods is the start of what could have a transformative influence on a number of different sectors.

The director of tourism at Scottish Development International, Graeme White said, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an avant-garde organization, not only preparing for China but now taking the initiative to implement WeChat Pay.

WeChat Pay allows the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to offer Chinese visitors a familiar and convenient means of payment. It really goes further to meet the needs of their customers. It is an excellent example of a company that listens to its customers in the Far East.

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