Certexams.com recently launched Rack Rentals which provides online physical lab access to the candidates preparing for a variety of certs Including Cisco CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, and Juniper JNCIA. Online labs provided by Certexams.com uses physical devices such as Cisco routers, switches, and workstations. Subscribers can access the equipment online and practice hands-on with real devices. For example, the Cisco CCNA Lab Rack consists of 4 routers, and 3 switches, as well as servers and workstation computers. The product is fully automated, from order placement to time slot booking to practice in the lab. Each lab rack comes with a lab manual so you can practice ready-made labs to get started. See the CCNA Lab Rack page for details.

How to get Lab Rack:

The Labs are specially designed for the people who need physical lab equipment for cisco cert exams preparation. If you want to use lab racks You need to buy lab credits by following the steps mentioned on the page. Each lab credit earns 5 hours of lab time as per your time convenience. If you buy for example 3 lab credits, you will get 15 hours of lab time scheduled according to your convenience in 3-time slots of 5 hours each.

Advantages of physical labs:

  • Candidate do not need to buy physical equipment
  • No need to worry about equipment failures and replacements
  • No need to buy cables, connectors, etc. You can focus on learning and practicing
  • No electricity bills other than the desktop/laptop
  • Book lab slot as per your convenience
  • No need to configure the environment, downloads, and installations as with other tools like GNS. You just need a telnet client. If your MS Dos natively doesn't support, download teraterm software (freeware) so you can telnet to the labs.

About CertExams.com: Certexams is a leading exam simulators, network simulators and rack rentals provider for Cisco, CompTIA, PMP and Juniper exams. Products include lab racks for Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP Certification exams.

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