Are you considering subscribing to a virtual private server hosting service? When you search for a VPS package, you will possibly be presented with a choice between an unmanaged and managed virtual private server. You must be aware of the distinction between these two services when determining what sort of support and infrastructure you will require. Here, we will discuss the major differences between both, and in what way the managed plan can help keep your sensitive information safe.

Round The Clock Support For the Server

The biggest reason for having a managed VPS as opposed to an unmanaged one is that the former provides you with access to 24/7 technical support. This is very essential for security since managed web hosting specialists will know just how to deal with new forms of threats and tricky scenarios.

Whether you want a web firewall rule applied, have a data security query, or a simple password reset, a dedicated tech support team will bring a huge difference to your workload. With a quality web host, such as HostSailor to name one, you will easily be able to communicate with the support team any time of the day.

There will not be any support for those on an unmanaged hosting plan besides keeping the internet network maintained. In the event you have this server package, plan to do every work required to maintain it. You will have to have your own technical experts to solve problems that come about.

DDoS Protection and Mitigation

The term ‘DDoS’ refers to a type of attack where hackers send fake traffic from multiple systems to a server to make it unresponsive. A DDoS attack can take an entire website down or make it run slow by flooding that server with such traffic.

DDoS protection helps to tackle distributed denial of service attacks, and it can shut these down when they start. This can be done by detecting patterns of unusual traffic and stopping the packets send to the target server from reachingit. The protection service cannot block a DDoS attack, but it can help secure the computer in a manner that the attack will not affect anything. Effectively, this keeps DDoS attacks from happening.

HostSailor has managed server packages on offer with DDoS mitigation and protection. You can choose such a plan to avoid downtime because of these attacks.