We all know that blockchain finds some interesting applications in the food supply chain in the recent years with no doubt.

The technology of blockchain was invented mainly for the creation of a world’s famous cryptocurrency – bitcoin. But, now with the growing buzz, it has been strongly believed that the admiring technology behind blockchain is potent enough to improve the traceability aspects in the meat supply chain.

Meat supply chain is nothing but a food traceability series that primarily involves the meat products like mutton, beef, poultry and pork.

Though there is a considerable variation in the supply chains of various meat commodities, the procedural production flow remains the same.

This article outlines the variety of opinions and perspectives in relation to the admittance of advanced blockchain technologies in the food or meat supply chain management.

Tracefood will make you investigate the traceability of the entire meat supply chain right from its transformation to the distribution.

Our blockchain solution for beef will help the best-in class beef producers all across the globe in getting the reward that they actually deserve for their value-rich beef products with no hassles.

As the demand for meat continues to increase rapidly with its global production rate, the end-to-end traceability need is also getting enhanced over the years. All we wish to get is that there should be some assurance for the safety and quality of the meat products which we use to buy in the market.

But, do you think that we have such kind of guarantee?

No, certainly not.

Traditional meat supply chains find a lot of issues with their operations and delivery in today’s fast-paced world. Some of such issues might be the following:

  • Regulatory restrictions
  • Complexity in supply chains
  • Change in consumer trends
  • Traceability
  • Safety and quality and
  • Dietary transitions.

These issues need to be addressed with utmost care for a healthy and sustainable mankind.

For this, blockchain comes in as a transformational factor to rejuvenate the overall supply chain with its amazing traits.

The blockchain technology for beef has two main objectives including the traceability and humane handling.

Tangible benefits of blockchain in the meat industry:

  • Supply chain cost reduction
  • Streamlining in imports and exports
  • Supply chain node transparency
  • Adherence to necessary regulatory policies
  • Certified quality assurance
  • Guaranteed safety
  • High end traceability and transparency

Meat producers all across the world have been striving hard in bringing outrageous improvements and innovations in their production systems according to the consumer demands.

This is very much appreciable, but the worst part is that they often fail to share some significant product-related information with the consumers.

Blockchian technology in meat traceability bridges this gap by letting both the meat producers and supply chain holders to align their services exactly with respect to the consumer demands with ease. It too helps the consumers in getting satisfied with the necessary confidence over the meat products which they buy in the market.


With the rapid advancements of technologies in this modern world, the traditional communication methods are not that efficient in meeting the competitive demands of the consumers. Due to this reason, blockchain technologies are being enforced nowadays into the management of product supply chains at a greater scale.

And it is also firmly trusted that blockchain would transform the way businesses interact with consumers in a matchless way and will offer some considerable differentiation together with a competitive advantage to the product manufacturers.

Many famous organizations have now been admitting the fact that they find some worth in making their consumer traceability system go live on a public blockchain ledger with pig products. Hence, the blockchain and the pork chain combination form a well-suited use case for pork business.

As a whole, blockchain adds abundant value to the meat industry, when applied to it. Of course, it has the ability to equip the entire industry with an innovative level of quality assurance and transparency.

Thus, both the product regulators as well as the consumers will be getting benefited with the application of blockchain models.

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