With the development of more and more mobile, the rapid development of mobile applications has become the core of development.

The use of the smartphone has become a natural habit and behavior of today's world, with most people using their phones for critical and occasional use at important times.

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In this article, we've compiled a list of seven tips you can click on to create high-quality mobile app designs. Creating a mobile application prototype before committing developing the application comes with several advantages.

  1. The right color, the right way

Color is one of the most important elements of the theme, and when you design a mobile app, the color or theme you choose is important. Choosing a great color scheme will form the basis of a mobile app, which is well designed.

The mobile design is intuitive and starts with a large color scheme. Unlike the actual visual arts, you won't be searching for great user experience with a variety of colors, textures, and synth techniques.

Using too many colors, heavy colors, textures, and compositing techniques in mobile apps can interfere with large user experience.

2. Test your design

To ensure that your app and design run smoothly, you need to constantly test your app. here are the tips to find out the best solution:

  • This includes people who perform availability testing from the beginning of the project to ensure that they fully understand the business needs, users, and design development. Try to avoid allowing people who can perform usability tests that don't know anything about the project.
  • Work closely with user researchers throughout the design and availability testing process. Although the researchers are primarily responsible for user research and usability testing and you are primarily responsible for the design, make sure that these are not isolated activities.
  • When an availability specialist schedules a test, ask a list of important tasks to test, questions or concerns from customers or other project team members about the design.

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  1. The right format

App users, each of us encounters an app that hangs when we download a large graphics file at some point in time. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not the size of the file that is responsible, but the file format that causes it to be inappropriate. The Android platform is compatible with certain media formats, such as PNG, JPEG, GiF, BMP, and WebP. It is recommended to choose the PNG format for non-destructive images, but JPEG quality is better if you need to make up your mind to optimize the image.

Ad formats can I use in mobile apps?

  • It depends on the ad format and the app. As mentioned above, each ad format has unique functionality. Some ad formats perform well in social apps, while others work well with game apps.

  • The app is unique, so if you want to know that you've chosen the best ad format and the best ad network, you need to make sure that some of the ad formats displayed don't affect the app's user interface. Explore different ad formats and use multiple ad formats and a single ad network. Internet.

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4. Navigation should be easy

Almost every mobile app has some form of navigation. Unfortunately, not every app navigation is good. Most of the time, mobile app navigation improves your app navigation designers, who know a lot about creating beautiful apps, but rarely marketing apps or creating apps for customers to create is.

Once someone starts using your app, they need to know where to go and how to get there at any time. Good navigation is a tool that takes users where they want to go. However, with small screen limitations and the need to prioritize content over chrome, establishing good navigation on your phone is a challenge. Different navigation modes have been developed to address this challenge in different ways, but they all face a variety of usability issues. Mobile app development companies in Indonesia helps to create easy navigation mobile app

  1. App Accessibility

To make your mobile app a success, you need to make sure it reaches the widest possible audience.

As more people have access to your app, it will increase your download rate and ultimately increase your overall profits.

Which buttons or links take the user to another page or complete a specific action. You must make sure that these buttons are clearly distinguished from each other.

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  1. Provide smarter personalization and conversational Experience.

Apps adjust their content and products based on the user's current location. This type of hyper-local information will continue to provide an experience-oriented, personalized experience to prevent user guesswork.

2018, AI-based chatbots will continue to be embedded in mobile apps to better serve users and deliver a more personalized experience. Design the end-of-dialogue interface, and every word your robot says should be correct and conform to a brand. Designers should create thoughtful user streams and then develop a unique and recognizable chatbot personality that is more in line with those interested.

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  1. Use resources to help you with the layout

Don’t have to create a layout from scratch. There are many online resources to help you design mobile apps. You should always externalize application resources, such as images and strings, from your code so that you can manage them independently. You should also provide alternative resources for a specific device configuration by grouping specific device configurations into specially-named resource catalogs. At runtime, Android uses the appropriate resources based on the current configuration. For example, you can provide different UI layouts depending on the screen size or strings, depending on the language settings.

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great design is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, which is what you should strive to achieve when creating an app. However, don't try to create the perfect application on your first attempt. It's almost impossible. Instead, treat your app as an evolving project and use data from test sessions and user feedback to continuously improve the experience.

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