New Mutants is almost completed, and the new trailer for the film is already out, and fans are now reverting their interest back into the X-Men series and storyline. The movie is set to release on April 3, 2020, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blue Hunt, and Alice Braga. The will be playing roles of teen kids who have various kinds of superpowers imprisoned in a secret faculty. The movie will feature a totally different storyline and timeline from what fans have seen in the X-Men franchise movies. It will feature young mutants who are kept secret from the world because nobody on the Earth aware of the existence of mutants.

Oppositely X-Men movies never displayed the origin of mutants, but they presented the timeline in that the world was already familiar with mutants, and they become the biggest political issue for the government. In the New Mutant movies, you will see that nobody knows about the superhuman thing, and the mutants will be kept under a secret faculty. You will see teen mutants discovering their powers and abilities. They will learn how to use their unique abilities to fight baddies. It will be fun watching the kids exploring their powers and how they use them. Let’s see what Marve characters are going to appear in the upcoming movie, and what are their powers by judging the recent trailer.

SOURCE: New Mutants: Cast, Character, Abilities, and Powers

New Mutants: Characters And Their Powers

Maise Williams plays Wolfsbane

Working for a long time in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Maisie William is no longer an unknown personality. She is portrayed as Arya Stark in the whole Westeros run, and she has become mature on the screen while playing in GOT. She is now playing the role of one of the young mutants in the film. She is Wolfsbane, and it is the made-up name of the character, but she alter ago is Rehne Sinckair in Marvel. Wolfsbane can turn into a partial-wolf and human form. She gets superhumanly strong when transformed into Wolfsbane. His powerset includes enhanced speed, strength, and invulnerability to a limit.

Charlie Heaton Plays Cannonball

Alter ego Sam Guthrie is being played by Charlie Heaton in New Mutants is known for appearing in Stranger Things. Cannonball can drive onward into the air by using his thermo-chemical energy, which he can release naturally. He becomes invulnerable while flying and can tear apart anything that comes in the way. That for he is called by his made name Cannonball because he destroys everything comes in his way when in motion.

Anya Taylor Plays Magik

Anya has appeared in several movies, including Spilt and Glass, as well as in the TV episode Peaky Blinders. Magik is also known as her original name Illyana Rasputin. She is the sister of Colossus in the marvel comics who is known as Deadpool-handler. She is a wizard who learns magic from the Limbo dimension when she was just a child, she was sent to that dimension somehow, and there she gets training. Later she takes control of that mysterious world and returns back to Earth. So you are now smart enough to judge what her powers are.

Henry Zaga Plays Sunspot

He is famous for having the role of Brad in Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and he has appeared in many other Netflix series. Appearing as one of the key characters in New Mutants is a great boost for his career as well as in payment. In New Mutants, he is playing as Sunspot, a mutant of Brazil. The comic character is not appearing first time in a live-action film, as he has shown in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He is capable of absorbing solar energy into his body. Once he absorbs sufficient energy, he can use it as a source for enhancing his strength, flight, and producing energy blasts. He can also transform into a greater form in which he becomes even stronger and looks like burning black.

Blue Hunt Plays Mirage

Blue Hunt is also a familiar young actress who has appeared in several TV series, be it Vampire Diaries, Another Life, and The Originals. Mirage has some supernatural abilities that allow her to cause physically fear into people using illusions. Her powers are very identical to that of Demon Bear, who is the main enemy in the film. She might be one of the most terrific people in the complete movie. As you have seen in the trailer, some faces from the wall were drawing closer into the room, and it could be Mirage’s mind or abilities.

Alice Braga Plays Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Alice does not need much introduction as she is quite familiar in Hollywood, especially in sci-fi movies like Elysium. She is portraying Dr. Cecilia Reyes in the forthcoming movie. She is not an ordinary human being in the Marvel universe, as well as in the movie. She can effortlessly create natural force fields that can work as a shield and best used for defensive purposes. In the comics, she is interested in saving the world, and she also teamed up with the X-Men.

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