Entrepreneurs with a touch of innovation are rarely to be witnessed in today’s scenario. Integrating technological innovations in most of market-based business ventures has become more of a requirement than a want. With a proper balance of technological inventions, many leaders and business owners can grow their ventures to heights.

Meet, Amber Schroader, Founder and CEO of Paraben Corporation, understand need of technology implementation and has contributed various innovations through her venture. For past two decades. Amber has proved herself a driving force for innovation in digital forensics and is continuing to offer more. She also coined the concept of “360-degree approach to digital forensics” for a big-picture consideration of the digital evidence acquisition process.

CIOLOOK admires such leaders and appreciates their contribution in evolving the technological sector. It takes pride in featuring Amber in the special issue entitled “Women in Tech 2019”.

Here is her story:

She started in the DFIR industry at 14 and really worked my way up through the field. As someone who is dyslexic it was great, for her, to find an area where thinking differently was a benefit. Digital forensics is such a unique space with a constant change in technology and the need to be able to solve problems that are not typical.

Amber and her team work hard to look at all digital data as potential information that people will need to review in an investigative scenario. Whether, it is civil or criminal the need to review it and refine it is all part of the investigative process. They were the first company to support mobile data back in 2001 and that has been an area they have maintained strong support with as it has grown. Over the past few years, the company has spent the time with cloud and IoT data as well as the digital landscape is always in a flux.

They always remind themselves of the investigator perspective. Many companies come into the DFIR arena to offer technology, yet are not familiar with the work flow and massive overwhelmed that many of the investigators experience in the space. Amber always keep that in mind as she, and her team, make a game plan as their solutions need to be feasible to be brought up to speed with any level of investigator with a large variety of data in days not weeks. Amber always knows that her company has to be intuitive and easily deployable so it can work in any workflow.

You have to be flexible and always have a fresh perspective. Many times, you get into a set pattern and you expect a lot of the business world to adjust to that pattern. However, every day holds a new challenge and you have to approach that challenge with a fresh perspective each time and be ready to adjust,” says Amber.

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