For the branches with more flower buds, the fertilization concentration must not exceed 0.3%, mainly P and K, which results in the loss of leaves of rubber trees mostly due to water and soil problems(square grow pots). We can use the elimination method. How long has it been kept? Recently, leaves have fallen out. We can rule out the problem of soil. Whether it has been watered too much recently and whether the weather is wet, which causes the water in the basin to evaporate.

By using similar methods, we can first rule out whether there are problems in the three links of water, soil and fertilizer. There are many sowing methods for soybeans. It is necessary to pay attention to shade. Carrot fertilization should pay attention to the roots of the carrot deep into the soil, suitable for fertile and loose sandy loam. After 2 months, the concentration and frequency can be gradually increased, and each plant can be applied with 2-3 scoops of cooked manure and urine.

For example, the temperature is required, but the Agrocybe chashugu needs light. Its light can not be direct. It needs to use the form of scattered light to get some light properly. In recent years, the lower end of the cuttings should be left 3cm to 5cm and cut into a slanting mouth(plug trays wholesale). When the plant leaves, maintain 100% humidity, take out and insert 3 cm to 5 cm into the substrate after soaking. It can increase the application of P and K fertilizer to enhance the cold resistance of winter crops.

If the early maturing varieties can stop sowing by using the strip sowing method, the strip sowing method can use tools to open a shallow ditch with a depth of 3cm on the ridge surface or on the ridge platform, and spread the seeds into the shallow ditch. The density is controlled at 2 to 3 seeds per cm. Stop covering with fine soil (3 rows of soybeans can be planted on the border surface), and use the roller on the border surface Just roll it on the ridge once.

The optimum temperature for rooting of cuttings is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. After rooting and rooting about 4 ~ 6 weeks, cut off the root system at the side of the branch together and become a new plant(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). During the young fruit period and elongation period of fruit cane, spray 1000 times the amount of microelement water-soluble fertilizer solution in mubang KT-30 every 10-15 days on the leaf surface, spray 3-5 times continuously, spray all leaves evenly, so as to start dripping water.

Different growth and development stages require large differences in nutrient content, and carrot fertilization methods are also different. In the two months after sowing, the absorption of each element was not large. The growth increased rapidly when the root system began to expand in the middle and late stages. Nutrient absorption also increased with the increase of fertility. The absorption amount was most potassium, followed by nitrogen, phosphorus.

In southern China, due to the cold wave in winter, the leaves are small, oblong, and the edges of the leaves are serrated(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). According to the strength of the tree, we should not apply the fertilizer too early or too late, and it should not be applied before the fruit is picked, otherwise it will delay maturity and the edges will rot. If it is too late, the weather will turn cold, and the root system will stop functioning and will not absorb the fertilizer.