How do they do it? I asked my wife, Subliminal Tracks Review I had just been trying to have a conversation with my two daughters, separately (I would never try to talk to them both together!), but there they were MP3 player/iPod stuffed in their ears, TV on and the eldest was even trying to read. I know women are supposed to be able to 'multi-task' but these two 'take the biscuit'. How could I get their attention?

A story I had heard a while ago came to mind, with a solution that I was sorely tempted to use on them!

There were two farmers with adjoining farms, they were both prosperous, but used widely different farming methods. Farmer number 1 was fully in tune with all the electrical and electronic equipment needed to run a highly efficient farm and had it all, even one of the latest combine harvesters. Farmer number 2 was old school, he had electricity, but it was powered by a generator, a tractor which was rarely used because it kept breaking down and instead of a combine harvester he had two trusty donkeys instead that pulled his harvesting machine.