Running activities on Facebook is becoming more and more difficult, and brands are using new solutions to attract and engage their fans.

Although a relatively young tool, Facebook chatbots already use the biggest global brands as well as smaller, local businesses.

One of the tools that allows to activate fans in social media is chatbot. Messenger, the communicator Facebook has been putting on in recent years, plays an increasingly important role in contacting users. Whole Foods allows you to search for recipes in your chatbot with the help of the emotions you send, Netflix also selects videos from its platform. In addition to long-term activities, chatbots are also used for one-off actions, such as the possibility of ordering with Ben&Jerry's ice cream home delivery. Although there are already more than 300,000 chatbots, and we get to know some of them, we are able to explore the possibilities of this tool.

Tommy Hilfiger

One of the first chatbots on Facebook was the bot of clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger. It allows you to browse the styling straight from the catwalks and redirects you to the product sheets on the website. It allows you to browse products - women's and men's collections in a convenient way, divided into categories. Allows you to watch videos prepared especially for chatbot, showing them straight on chat. It not only cares about the brand image, but also supports sales.


Although in Poland chatbots on Facebook are still crawling, we can also boast of interesting solutions. Chatbot 4FUN.TV perfectly meets the needs of its target group. It is a mine of crazy competitions or news about popular artists. The connection with the station's broadcasting system allows you to follow the videos that appear on the air and create even more engaging games that connect the Internet and television.

Trim and Cleo

Trim and Cleo are a great example of other possibilities offered by chatbot. Messenger makes it easier to manage finances and save money. Trim shows and analyzes the history of transactions after connecting to your bank account. It can also show us what active subscriptions we have and how much we spend on them. Thanks to the possibility of connecting to an account on the portal, e.g. Comcast, chatbot can check if there are any discounts or promotions available. Once Cleo is connected to its account, chatbot will keep track of the expenses that we can view by category and will be able to check the latest transactions. After entering the phrase "send money" on the Messenger, selecting a friend and a specific amount, the money will be taken from the account and sent to the selected person.


Facebook chatbots can connect to a variety of systems, depending on industry and needs. One of those more supported by Messenger is the aviation industry. At the KLM booth, once you have booked your travel ticket, you can choose to receive confirmation of your order, check-in notifications, boarding pass or flight status on Messenger. Chatbot has been taught to answer 60,000 questions. At the end of the conversation, it asks you to rate on a scale from 0 to 10 whether you are satisfied with the service. Currently, 15% of the boarding passes sent to customers online are transferred via Messenger.


Mercedes has used other features that chatbot offers in its 50th anniversary campaign. The Messenger allows users to upload media, thanks to which they can not only browse photos, but also listen to the sounds of engines, for example. Thanks to the fact that chatbot stores such data about the user as his name, the brand weaves it into a prepared video. For the biggest fans of the brand, Mercedes has also introduced a quiz, in which it asks about the year of establishment or about specific models.

Thanks to the wide possibility of matching their functions to the needs and strategy of a particular brand, it is difficult to find two identical chatbots, even if their task is very similar. Each chatbot can have its own personality, matching the communication language of the brand. When introducing this solution, it is important to remember that chatbots on Facebook need to be promoted just like other marketing solutions and only make sense if users know about their existence and available functions.