Coronavirus was spreading quickly in China, Honk Kong, Japan, and the other 28 countries. More than 15,000 peoples were affected newly, and the death count increases up to 1,367. With the viral spreading, a map created by the University of Southampton should send shivers down your spine.


A view from one of the the hospitals in Wuhan, China. Retweet to share with others

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The university’s WorldPop research team has tried to put together a map that shows the movements of as many as 60,000 residents who traveled out of Wuhan and went around the world, since the outbreak started but before the travel lockdown was put in place.

Scary Map shows the Spreading Corona Virus from Wuhan Travellers

There are 59,822 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in China, Singapore and Hong Kong ( 50 each ), 33 in Thailand, 28 in South Korea and Japan, 18 in Malaysia and Taiwan, 16 in Germany and Vietnam, 15 in Australia, 14 in US, 11 in France, 10 in Macau and 9 in the UK. The virus is spreading globally from China.

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