Roblox is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that lets anyone play, create or even share games with others. Roblox is widely available for free download for Windows, Mac OS X operating system users and iOS and Android device users. Keep reading to learn the possible ways to download Roblox on these platforms and to generate Free Robux as well.

Roblox downloading process for Windows Operating System users

  1. Open up a web browser and ensure the system has been connected to an active internet connection
  2. In the address type, to download the Roblox Player Launcher
  3. A pop-up shall open asking you to choose the drive to save the Roblox installation file
  4. After selecting the drive, wait until the download gets completed
  5. Later on, visit the downloaded file location and make a double-click on them 
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete installing the Roblox Player Launcher to obtain free Robux

After the installation completes, open up the web browser, load the home page of Roblox and start playing your favorite games at ease. If you are in a doubt about how to get Robux for free, then start accessing the Roblox Studio, design new gameplay, release it for public access and obtain free Robux in return from potential game players.


Roblox downloading process for Mac OS X users

  1. To download Roblox and to avail free robux hack options, you must open a web browser and visit
  2. Make a click upon the ‘Download Now’ button to start the downloading process
  3. Roblox shall automatically detect the operating from which you are accessing the download section and shall provide the exact version that can go easy with your OS
  4. Usually, the installation file gets saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder and as DMG file
  5. Visit the ‘Downloads’ folder and open up the ‘Roblox.dmg’ file
  6. Now, you need to drag and drop the file into the Applications folder
  7. Within the Application folder, make a double-click upon the to open them up
  8. It can take a minute or two to complete the installation process
  9. Afterward, you can open up the web browser to check and locate the installed Roblox browser plugin
  10. This particular plugin shall let you access Roblox Games and Studio in one roof

Visit the gaming web portal of Roblox, which is and then start playing or creating new gameplay from the scratch.

Roblox downloading process for iOS device users

  1. Open up the App Store app from your iOS device
  2. Touch upon the ‘Search’ button that can be found on the bottom part of the screen 
  3. Within the search window, type ‘Roblox’ and then press the ‘Search’ button
  4. From the loaded results, select ‘Roblox Mobile’ and then select the ‘Get’ button
  5. After entering your Apple ID password or using Face ID the Install button shall show up
  6. Touch the ‘Install’ button to start the download process
  7. Once the downloading process gets completed, you can visit the home screen and locate the Roblox Mobile app

Open it up, and select ‘Play Now’ to instantly start playing your favorite games.

Roblox downloading process for Android device user

  1. Open up the ‘Google Play Store’ to download Roblox and to access free Robux generator through it
  2. In the search field, type Roblox and then search for the same
  3. From the derived search results, click upon the Roblox app
  4. You will be taken to the Installation page with details about Roblox app
  5. Press upon the ‘Install’ button
  6. The downloading time depends upon the internet connectivity speed the Android device has been connected to

Once the download and installation process gets completed, open up the app and navigate to the ‘Games’ section to find any play all your favorite gameplays in one place.