The Big Data Industry is going to reach $247 Billion by the end of the year 2020. The trend of Big Data started its growth from 2018 and it is growing rapidly in many applications. Tradition data process had brought many difficulties to the companies and it was time consuming, cost consuming, and also took more maintainability. Big data process started booming once the automation process has introduced and speed up the operations of regular workflow.

Here in this blog, we have presented the trending big data predictions that are going to take the world step higher in 2020.

Big Data Analytics in AI and ML

Big Data Analytics has done many improvements in AI and ML and has changed the whole traditional way which is restricted and slow. Many organizations are adapted Big Data for its AI and ML application developments for its fast operational analytics pipelines that increase the growth of business activities. The leading AI and Big Data conference cum exhibition is going to take place in Olympia, London on 17 & 18 March, 2020. It is going to showcase the next generation technologies and strategies of the Big Data and AI world. It creates many opportunities for the global companies to innovate AI implementation with the successful and practical manner. There will be IT decision makers, developers, designers, innovators, chief data officers, brand managers, chief data scientists, data analysts, tech providers, venture capitalists, start-ups, and c-level executives from Over 9000 global companies are going to attend this historical event to know about the cutting-edge technologies and insights that are going to rule this year.

Key Topics of the Conference:

The Big Data and AI conference has covered the following major topics in this conference to understand the opportunities that are going to impact the world wide enterprises, consumer sector, digital transformations, and development platforms:

Business Intelligence

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

AI Algorithms

Data and Analytics

Virtual Assistance


It shows the big data and AI work together that changes the world with many innovations for simplify the human efforts through many applications.

Big Data and Cloud Environment

The cloud-based technologies are continue to grow as most of the global business platforms make use of this serverless architecture for the cost-effective solution and security features. Traditional on-premises solution for the data integration and preparation brings more complications and security threats. It takes months and weeks together in case of data migration during upgrading or disaster recovery. These critical issues resolved with multi cloud and hybrid cloud architecture that simplifies the process of Data migration and upgradation. It reduces the complexity of dynamic workloads and cost consumption when combined with cloud computing process.

Big Data and Cloud Computing makes the perfect sense with the following benefits:

Big Data involves effectively in the manipulation process of petabytes (more than exabytes and zettabytes) of data, in which cloud is the only solution for the scalable environment to deploy data-intensive applications. It simplifies the connectivity and collaboration within an organization to give their employees the fast access of relevant analytics and data sharing streamlines.

Big Data and Cloud simplifies the processes of C-Suite executives and stakeholders to work fluently with the clear and faster data visualizations. It helps them to take effective data-driven decision-making for the organization growth as per the market trends.

Big Data and Cloud involves in the better optimization of supply-chain tracking and detect the defects that hinder the workflow. It increases the opportunities through cost reduction solution that brings revenue growth and strategic investments.

Therewith, the Big Data and Cloud Architecture makes agile platform that helps the organization to achieve their objectives for business growth.

Big Data in Data Transmission for Top-Level Data Strategies

The Digital Transmission is very much crucial in this world that everything depends on the data today. It creates competitive environment for the organizations to meet the customer expectation through their productions. Traditional processes are failed for providing the exact solution in the criteria such as oil exploration to drill the appropriate location, and many retail marketing. These issues are perfectly identified with Big Data Analysis and provide the quick support to start the process. Big Data Transmission has the unique protocol features to provide such support to the users with the following aspects:

Multiple recipients benefited in a single session

Reliability of WAN with full rate

End-to-end communication with 10G speed

Efficient consumption of system resources

Worth and fast IP infrastructure

Best for streaming more data at a time


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