In our digital world, every aspect of life has been changed to digital form, as a result of it we can order food, booking cars, booking rooms, paying bills, utilities, etc through online platforms. 

Airbnb is Online Marketplace where users can search, find and book the rooms as per their requirement. 


Airbnb OverView

Airbnb is a website where property owners can list their rental properties. Users can search and find their requirements. Airbnb is started as a small rental space where they were not able to rent a room for them in San Francisco due to rental amounts in the market. They had the idea of laying bed in the living room, changed as bed and breakfast. Implemented their idea in the small scale business, started growing as Big roof globally. Now Airbnb is available in 19 countries in the world. 


Airbnb Business model


It involves 3 types of users, Clients, Hosts, and Admin. It has its revenue from Clients and hosts.

1)Commission for Each successful booking from the host.

2)A service charge from clients using Airbnb 


How Airbnb is Successful globally?

The business strategies followed by them reaching their brand awareness using 

Digital Marketing

Words from Clients 

Ease of access

Customer Satisfaction

Coupons and schemes

Secured transactions

Customer Reviews and Feedback


How to start an Online Rental Platform like Airbnb?


To start a business like Airbnb, you have to do research on the services provided by Airbnb and its hindrances where you can improve on your platform. Go for Robust Webdesign with enhanced Security features, and Hassle-free transaction using UX to handle the client request and Responsive to devices like iOs/ Android.

You can Get a Ready-made Airbnb Clone Script in markets, Choose the right place to build your Online Rental Website like Airbnb.


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