Many of us drink a lot of sugary, high 15 Minute Weight Loss Review carbohydrate, and high calorie drinks as well. These cause us to pack on the pounds and add up very quickly. Take a look at soda pop for example. The average soda has 100 calories and around 27 grams of carbohydrates. One of these a day adds up to over 700 calories a week. A nice tall glass of H2O has, zero calories. This is stored as fat in the body when the body doesn't burn those calories.

Water makes you lose weight because it cuts out those unwanted agents that cause us to pack on the pounds. As said before, it also washes out unwanted and unneeded toxins and calories. A glass of water instead of a soda will cut out at least 100 calories every single day. Many of us drink even more than just one a day. This also includes other beverages we choose to drink other than water.

So if you want water to make you lose weight, then you have to start drinking more. There are many all natural options. What many people will do is get water, and still use some sort of flavoring anyway. Purchase some wild mint leaves to add to your water. This not only adds nutritional value without the calories and other stuff that makes you gain weight, but tastes incredibly wonderful and refreshing as well.